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We Provide You With Expert Advice & Services To Build Your Property Portfolio And Save For The Future

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At TNC, our team is dedicated to providing you with specialist finance services that achieve satisfying results

We use fully trained and accredited brokers who pride themselves in structuring solutions to maximise benefits for your current and future goals.

As a company, we have access to an extensive range of lending solutions from over 30 financiers. We work alongside you throughout the whole process to ensure that you remain up to date throughout. Whether you’re looking simply for information or to begin the process of receiving finance, the team here at TNC is more than happy to assist you. We take the following steps to ensure all areas are covered:

Step One
Your Finance team will look at your current situation and advise on improvements that will help save money with immediate results.

Step Two
Once your current situation has been assessed, our finance team create a plan that outlines what you can comfortably borrow whilst making sure that buffers are in place for security. We include any current properties or investments, working backwards by doing your numbers first to ensure nothing is missed.

Step Three
After step two is completed, our finance team will guide you through the whole process and payment stages for your property purchase.

Backed by years of experience in the industry along with a wealth of knowledge and skill, you can trust that you will receive the results that you are looking for. For more information or to talk to one of our industry experts, get in contact with us today and let’s get started!